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Our Team

Kim Lyudmila

Head of International Transportation

Shynybaeva Elmira

Chief Accountant

Baktygerey Nurlan

Head of the trucking department

Kim Evgeny

Engineer for the design of cargo attachment schemes

Muzdybaeva Ainur

Chief Logistics Specialist

Tulegenova Saya

International Shipping Manager

Akan Darkhan

Transportation Specialist

Amangeldi Aygerim

Transportation Specialist

Company profile



Designing scheme

Development of schemes for placing and securing goods on rolling stock

Transportation organization

Organization of transportation of oversized, oversized and heavy cargoes by rail transport and rigging methods of loading and unloading

Dislocation of goods

Providing information on the distribution of goods

Transport -
forwarding services

Transport - forwarding services in the republican and international communications

Granting own cars

Provision of railway cars of their own